New Members

New to the guild?  Here are a few tips to help you get involved, and you’ll find more on the Resources page, including a pattern for framing your new guild name tag.

During your birthday month, you are encouraged to bring items to donate to the door prizes table.  For suggestions on what to bring check out our Activities page under Door Prizes.

Please note that during Show and Tell members are limited to 2 quilts per month, to make sure that everyone has a chance to show.

Meeting Format

Our meetings start at 9:30, but doors open at 9 so come early and meet new people or talk to our volunteer coordinators about getting involved in guild activities.

1.  Our president opens the meeting and makes any announcements

2.  Board reports: each member of the board makes any announcements or requests to the guild as well as a report of their actions.  To see what a usual report looks like, check out the meeting minutes in our newsletters located on our Members Only page.

3.  Following the Board reports, our Activity Chairs make their reports and announcements to the Guild.  To see recent reports from our Activity Volunteers, check out our newsletters located on our Members Only Page.  For a brief description of each activity and how to get involved check out our Activities Page.

4.  Following Activity reports, the floor is open for any guild member who wishes to make an announcement that might be of interest to the guild.  These might include events happening around town, or smaller quilt get togethers happening within the guild.

5. Next is a 10 minute break when members can purchase raffle tickets.

6. Then Program/Lecture starts as close to 10:30 as possible.

7.  After the Program/Lecture is Show and Tell.  This is the part of the meeting where members show off their current projects to the guild.  To see what our members have been working on check out our Show and Tell Page

 8After Show and Tell the raffle tickets are drawn for Monthly Minis, Birthday Table, and Block of the Month.